NOX V2.19

Release version

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Airbot is back at it again offering next-generation technologies in a single compact and reliable board. This time it comes in a 20x20mm hole pattern for your smaller micro 4" and super light 5" builds.

V2.19 improved the stability on ESC

Features include:

Flight Controller

  • Betaflight OSD
  • STM32F411 MCU
  • MPU6000 Gyro - It's also replaceable
  • Barometer
  • 5V BEC with LC filter (500ma)
  • 4000uf capacitors onboard - No Need for bulky caps

4in1 ESC

  • BLHeli32 - The 32-bit architecture that we've come to expect
  • DSHOT 1200
  • 35A Per motor
  • Telemetry Output functionality
  • ESC upgradeable


Yes that's right, all of that installed in a single board with 48mmx39mm dimensions , 20x20mm mounting holes and weights around 20g!

The Nox 2.17 has been thoroughly tested and you can put your order in for one now. We cover the risk if you have any bugs or issues.

We will update the test progress in RCG thread:

Change Log:
V2.15 change log:
1. fixed restart issue
2. pre-flashed, no CLI needed
3. all orders shipped from DEC.04, will be v2.15