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  • Asgard v2

    AIO Flight Controller and 4 pcs. BLHELI_S ESC on one PCB, mounting hole 30.5 x 30.5mm. Incl. OSD / SD Card / F4 FC(Target OMNIBUS F4 SD) / Current sensor / BEC
    The on board ESC supports DSHOT, use J_H_15 firmware

    ESC tested under 3-4S, 2308 Motor 2300KV with 5045x3 props The actual current depends on the frame and air flow

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  • OMNIBUS F4 Pro (V3)

    Upgrade version of OMNIBUS F4, the OMNIBUS F4 Pro (Some shop call it as OMNIBUS F4 PRO V2) added SD card supports, has 5v3A BEC, LC filter for Camera and VTX, build in Current sensor for high Integration Frame.

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  • OpenLager

    OpenLager is a "better openlog":

    It's faster-- 4 bit SD interface clocked at 19.2MHz with DMA.
    It has buffer memory to ride out times when the SD card is busy-- 125kbytes in current firmware.
    It fits in a smaller form factor.
    ESD protection (series resistors) on input pins.
    And it has a flip-up microSD connector that is better at retaining the card in crashes and hard landings.
    OpenLager is easy to use with async serial. First, wire according to the diagram below (an example of an OpenPilot-style connector is in the drawing). Note that you should attach the flight board's TX to openlager's RX pin!

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  • MicroOSD v2.4 - AB7456 Version

    MicroOSD v2.4 - AB7456 Version Learn More

  • Airbot F7

    F722 / 5VBEC / Camera control / 6x UART / Flash Learn More

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