About Airbot

Created and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Airbot was conceived at the time RC Multicopters became popular. We designed and manufactured one of the first public Multicopter flight controllers (FC).

“Omnibus” is our most notable line of FCs. Omnibus has been used by many partner manufacturers, as well as used (without consent) by many others. The Omnibus FC was the first FC a built-in OSD connected to SPI bus directly, which created and lead the trend throughout its first year of release.

The Asgard and Nox FC are our "True AIO" FC and ESC concepts. With a powerful FC and 4 ESCs built onto one board, they are now one of the most adopted True AIO boards being used.

Airbot is committed to innovation, and strive to bring more and more "WOW" products to the Multicopters racing and freestyle world.

We endeavor to deliver our goods worldwide within the most reasonable time by UPS. Most deliveries are targeted to arrive in approximately 3 days. We utilize our European warehouse for dealers who reside in Europe who want to avoid dealing with import documents.


We can help you in a number of ways.

  • Customised/special functions required to for products 
  • Customised designs
  • Have a great idea, but need technical expertise and equipment

If you think we might be able to assist in other ways, feel free to talk to us, and we will provide you with an Overview/Quote/Plan.

Since the beginning, we have helped a lot of shops/creators/developers in getting their products made and released. We look forward to the chance to cooperate with you too.

Quality Control

All our products go through the following processes:

SMT - AOI - Function Test - Visual inspection - Sampling inspection

These procedures enable us to produce successful and quality products for our customers and end users.


Products received DOA will be entitled to a free replacement (delivered with your next order). If the product is damaged from a crash, it will not be covered under our warranty. If the product is somehow damaged during the build process, we will do our best to help the customer fix the problem or arrange an exchange. 


If you are cooperating with us, we ask that you do not sell cloned Airbot products. 


Please email us at info@airbot.cc, our staff are very responsive and aim to reply quickly.